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The Ohio Department of Health regulates nurse aide training programs within the state. State-approved programs ensure that CNAs or STNAs as they are called in Ohio, get the knowledge and skills they need to maintain the standard of quality required within the state. Nurse aide candidates must complete an appropriate nurse aide training program before proceeding to the nurse aide certification exam for listing on the Ohio Nurse Aide Registry. Federal laws require training providers to offer a minimum of 75 hours of STNA education. Sixteen of those hours must be allocated for hands-on practice and the remaining 59 hours dedicated to classroom learning. CNAs in Ohio are referred to as State Tested Nurse Aides (STNA).

Premier Choice Health Services

Premier Choice Health Services offers state-approved STNA training that prepares students for the State Board Exam for Nurise Aides in just two weeks. New classes begin every two weeks, and with a 99% pass rate and 95% job placement rate, students can be assured of the best value for money. Convenient day and evening classes are available to meet students’ hectic schedules. Experienced instructors ensure students learn all the skills they need to succeed in their roles and provide quality patient care to patients in long-term care facilities, hospitals, assisted living facilities and hospice care. Upon completion of the training, graduates are eligible to take the state exam at the PCHS facility. Tuition is $385, which includes the required textbook and lab materials.

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Buckeye Health Agency, LLC

The Ohio Department of Health-approved STNA/CNA training program at Buckeye Health Agency is a 2-week certificate program. Students receive 75 hours of classroom and clinical instruction that includes basic nursing skills, anatomy and physiology, CPR, infection control, introduction to healthcare and job skills development. As part of the school’s program, students must complete supervised clinical training. Graduates of the program are certified as nursing assistants within the state. Applicants must be at least 17 years with the ability to read and write English. Students with a high school diploma or GED have a better chance of succeeding at the course. Applicants must also present two forms of ID, a completed application with deposit and meet the healthcare safety requirements before proceeding to the clinical component of the training.

Alia Healthcare

Alia Healthcare’s STNA program comprises of a 75-hour curriculum that’s approved by the Ohio Department of Health. Day, evening and weekend classes are available with different duration and costs. The accelerated day-classes give students the opportunity to complete training in just 10 days. Classes run from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm. The part-time evening classes meet three nights weekly for four weeks. Classes meet Monday through Wednesday from 5:30pm to 10:30pm. Weekend students complete the program in 6 weeks plus an additional weekend for clinical experience. Course topics covered include the role of the nurse aide, interpersonal skills, death and dying, hygiene, mental health, legal issues, mobility, infection control and social services. Tuition is $399 for day and evening classes and $499 for weekend classes. Costs include tuition, application fee, registration fee and costs for lab and clinical experience.

Columbus State Community College

The 3-credit nurse aide training certificate program at Columbus State Community College gives students the knowledge and skills to care for patients in long-term healthcare settings. The 76-hour education program comprises of 60 hours of combined classroom lectures and hands-on lab followed by 16 hours of hands-on training in a clinical setting, which meets the guidelines for STNA training within the state. Graduates are eligible to challenge the state exam and obtain listing on the state registry. Applicants must follow the procedure for enrolling in the community college and meet the English and Math requirements as a prerequisite for entry into the program. Tuition is $259 plus $93 for books and supplies.

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Frontier Health Care

Frontier’s state-approved STNA program offers 75 hours of training to students who hope in long-term healthcare facilities. The curriculum comprises of 59 hours of classroom training plus 16 hours of supervised clinical experience. During the training, students learn how to record the patient’s food and liquid intake, transfer patients, bathe and feed patients, change bed linens, collect specimens, take vital signs, recognize and record changes in patients’ condition and help with personal grooming. Applicants must provide the results of a medical exam and 2-step PPD test performed within the last 12 months. Graduates are eligible to take the state exam for listing on the state registry. Tuition is $395.

Larock Healthcare Academy

Students at Larock Academy acquire skills and knowledge from the program’s experienced instructors. They learn basic nursing and personal care skills in order to succeed as entry levels STNA and pass the state exam. The student-centered, state-approved curriculum provides 83 hours of classroom and clinical instruction to ensure graduates have all the information they need to execute their responsibilities on the job. Students complete the training within 2-4 weeks based on schedule. Tuition is $395 plus the cost of textbooks and supplies. Graduates are eligible to sit the state exam to obtain listing on the Nurse Aide Registry.

My Tees Healthcare

Train to become an STNA in just 12 days (Day classes) or 17 days (Evening classes). The state-accredited program meets the minimum state requirements by providing 75 hours of combined classroom and clinical training. Students receive specialized training to prepare for entry level careers and the state certification exam. Topics covered include patient care, basic nursing skills, anatomy, nutrition, patient rights, transfers, communication, charting, taking vital signs, grooming and collecting specimens. During the clinical, students put their classroom knowledge to work in a supervised clinical setting. Tuition is $359, but students must allocate expenses for textbooks, medical exam and TB tests.

Academia School of Nursing

Academia School of Nursing prepares nurse assistant students to function effectively in a generalist role. The certificate program prepares students to provide direct patient care under the direction of a licensed nurse. Students learn through interactive lectures, lively discussions, live demonstrations, and hands-on learning opportunities in the school’s lab as well as real-world patient care experiences in a long-term care facility. Course topics include nursing arts, introduction to health care, diet and nutrition, ambulatory transfers, body mechanics, communication and interpersonal relationships, personal care, hygiene, anatomy and physiology, mental health, and death and dying. Day and evening classes area available. Evening classes meet Monday through Friday from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm for three weeks. Day classes meet Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm for two weeks. Interested persons must complete an application for admission, provide a copy of valid state identification, submit a $150 deposit, provide a TB skin test result, provide the result of a physical exam, sign the enrollment agreement, and complete a criminal background check. At the conclusion of the 75-hour program, graduates will be eligble to sit the State Certification Exam to be placed on the Ohio Nurse Aide Registry. Tuition for the program is $299 and includes textbook and uniform.

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