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The fast-growing health care sector has a need for health professionals including qualified nursing assistants. As a member of the nursing team, a certified nursing assistant has the most daily contact with the patient. CNAs continuous contact, level of care and attention, compassion, and sensitivity to patients’ physical and psychological needs determine patients’ satisfaction to a large extent. The duties of a nurse aide include but are not limited to measuring and recording of vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration, wound care, preparing patients for physical exams, assisting patients with personal hygiene and grooming, making beds and keeping rooms clean, emptying bedpans, monitoring fluid intake and output, and setting up medical equipment. As a vital member of the nursing team, nursing assistants have a major contribution to patients’ quality of life.

CNA classes in California must be approved by the California Department of Health for graduates to be eligible to sit for the State Nurse Aide Competency Exam. The exam will evaluate candidates’ readiness for patient care through a written theory and skills evaluation. Those who successfully pass the exam will be added to the California Nurse Aide Registry.

Valley School of Nursing

The nursing assistant program at Valley School of Nursing leads to a Nursing Assistant Certificate that grants students the eligibility to apply for the Nurse Aide exam for certification in California. Students will receive the knowledge and skills to care for patients in acute and long-term care settings. The curriculum meets the requirements of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) through the delivery of 167 hours instruction in a classroom and clinical setting. Students will spend 60 hours in the classroom followed by 107 hours of supervised patient care in a clinical setting. During the clinical rotation students will develop proficiency in the 21 manual resident care skills. Areas of study include bowel and bladder training, psychological and physiological changes in the aging patient, therapeutic diets, infection control, communication between patients, maintain patients’ health and comfort, therapeutic diets and feeding techniques, vital signs, basic anatomy and physiology, good body mechanics for lifting and transporting patients, and infection control.

Admission criteria:
• A completed application
• Obtain TB clearance
• Complete drug screen

Contact the school for a current schedule and tuition. Job placement assistance is available.

Address: 18107 Sherman Way, Suite 101 Reseda, CA 91335
Phone: (818) 206-5254

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross provides information and an environment that supports the development of the skills needed to care for residents in long-term care facilities. Program graduates will be eligible to take the state exam to become a Certified Nurse Assistant. Caring nursing professionals and a structured curriculum developed by the Red Cross exceeds the state’s standards for nurse aide training. There will be emphasis on communication, the art of caregiving, and compassionate care. Instructors will utilize lectures, lab practice, DVDs, presentations, and role-playing to deliver the comprehensive content. Students will have the opportunity to practice the manual skills in a classroom equipped with medical equipment and hospital beds before participating in the clinical rotation. The attention given to the practical aspect of the training will improve students’ ability to pass the state test and become successful health professionals in hospitals, patients’ homes, clinics, and other facilities. Course topics include infection control, taking and recording vital signs, collaborating with other team members, range of motion exercises, and other important skills that are essential for practicing as a nurse aide. Other areas of study include promoting safety, special care instructions, transitioning from student to employee, providing care, and the art of caregiving. The school offers accessible locations, small class sizes, experienced and licensed professionals, and hands-on training. The daytime only program is designed to be completed in 4 to 8 weeks.

Admission criteria:
• Attend an information session
• Complete a TABE reading and math assessment or provide proof of completing high school or GED equivalency
• Pass a Red Cross criminal background check before registering for the program
• Obtain TB clearance
• Complete the Red Cross physical form

Tuition costs $1,500 and includes textbooks, CPR, First Aid, and AED certification for 2 years, classroom and medical equipment, resume workshop, ARC Nurse Assistant Pin, tutoring before and after classes, and lifetime membership as an ARC NAT graduate.

Address: 2215 West Mission Rd Alhambra CA 91803
Phone: 1-800-733-2767

A+ Health Care Training

A+ Health Care Training prepares adults with the knowledge and skills to pass the state nurse aide exam. The state-approved program includes classroom theory and clinical practice in a skilled nursing facility. The classroom theory will cover various aspects of nursing care such as basic nursing skills, infection control, measuring vital signs, range of motion exercises, patients rights and independence, patient safety, Alzheimer’s care, observation and reporting, hospice care, nutrition and feeding, communication, and anatomy and physiology. Upon completion of the classroom training, students will participate in the clinical training where they will work directly with patients under the direction of a licensed nurse. Students will work side by side with other students, nurses, and health care professionals during the clinical experience. Day, evening, and weekend classes are available. The weekday class meets Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm for 5 weeks. The evening class meets Monday through Friday from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm for 9 weeks. The weekend class meets Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Admission criteria:
• Submit a completed application and registration fee of $300
• Provide copies of social security card and California state ID or driver’s license

A flexible payment plan is available for all students.

Address: Suite 217A at 14540 W Victory Blvd, Van Nuys, California 91411
Phone: 818-387-6844

Annenberg School Of Nursing

Annenberg School of Nursing trains students to care for residents and patients in nursing homes, home supportive services, and acute care facilities. The 22-day course includes 176 clock hours of theory and practical instruction. It covers all aspects of patient care including resident rights, taking vital signs, the aging process, safety procedures, transferring and discharging residents, restorative nursing and time management, death and dying, and modifying care. Course modules include Introduction, Patient Rights, Communication/Interpersonal Skills, Prevention and Management of Catastrophe and Unusual Occurrences, Medical and Surgical Asepsis, Body Mechanics, Weights and Measures, Patient Care Skills, Patient Care Procedures, Vital Signs, Nutrition, Emergency Procedures, Long Term Care Resident, Rehabilitative Nursing, Observation and Charting, Death and Dying, and Review. Graduates will be expected to pass the State Exam to become a Certified Nurse Assistant. Classes meet Monday through Friday from 6:45 am to 3:15 pm.

Admission criteria:
• Be 18 years or older
• Have a high school diploma or GED
• Pass an evaluation exam – 40 questions on basic English and Math
• Have a valid California ID/Driver’s license
• Pass a medical physical, TB test, and drug screen
• Complete and pass a background review including Live Scan fingerprinting
• Attend an interview with ASN Director
• Deposit $400 towards tuition

Tuition costs $1,400 and includes medical physical, book and workbook, CPR training and card, graduation pin, Live Scan fingerprinting and background check, 3 ASN t-shirts, and state CNA exam fee.

Address: 19300 Sherman Way, Reseda, CA 91335
Phone: 818-757-4431

West Valley Occupational Center

The nursing assistant program at West Valley Occupational Center prepares students for the state competency exam for nurse aides. The curriculum includes 170 hours of theory and practical instruction – 60 hours of theory and 110 hours of clinical practice at a skilled nursing facility. Students learn the basics of anatomy and physiology, infection control, meeting patients’ social and psychological needs, infection control, medical terminology, diseases and disorders, and the philosophy of nursing. They will practice the manual skills in the classroom and skills lab before putting them to use in the clinical setting. Graduates will be eligible to take the state certification exam for employment in a health care facility. Enrollment in the program is limited to 15 students.

Admission criteria:
• Complete medical terminology with a passing grade
• Test at an 8.0 reading level
• Have no criminal record as indicated by a background check – a non-refundable fingerprinting fee of $55 applies
• Have a current CPR Healthcare Provider card
• Provide a copy of social security number and state ID
• Pay the registration fee of $250

Tuition costs $850 includes registration, fingerprinting, books, insurance, uniform, and supplies. Students must purchase insurance directly from an insurance carrier.

Address: 6200 Winnetka Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Phone: 818-346-3540

St. Jude Nursing School

St. Jude Nursing School’s Nursing Assistant Training Program prepare adults for success on the California State Nurse Aide Competency Exam and employment in an acute or long-term care setting. The curriculum features 150 hours of classroom lectures and clinical rotation in a skilled nursing facility. Students will understand the role of the nursing assistant, how to use basic nursing skills to ensure patients’ comfort and safety, measuring and recording vital signs, assisting patients with personal care, preparing patients for physical exams, CPR and first aid, feeding and nursing, and communicating and collaborating with health care professionals. The duration of the program is 5 weeks. St. Jude offers small class sizes, convenient schedules, a high passing rate on the CNA exam, experienced instructors, bilingual classes, review sessions, and free tutoring. Morning, evening, and weekend classes are available.

Admission criteria:
• Be 18 years or older
• No high school diploma or GED required
• Pay the $99 registration fee to start
• Obtain TB clearance
• Submit to a criminal background check
• A valid social security number and state ID

Students pay $99 to start the program. Job placement assistance is available to all students.

Address: 8200 Van Nuys Blvd, Panorama City, CA 91402
Phone: (818) 892-6141
Fax: (818) 530-2497

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