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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there will be a 4% increase in employment for CNAs from 2022 through 2032. Florida’s heavy concentration of nursing homes accounts for much of the growth expected. But did you know your choice of certification could affect your job outlook, salary, and long-term job satisfaction? Consider the CNA training opportunities available in Jacksonville, FL.

First Coast CNA

First Coast CNA offers adults the opportunity to complete a fast-track preparation to challenge the state CNA exam or a comprehensive 120-hour program with 40 hours of clinical rotations. Both tracks will give students the confidence to take the CNA exam and start a career as an entry-level nurse aide. Experienced instructors will cover theory and practice of the 22 essential skills that students will need to pass the Written and Skills components of the certification exam. As a Prometric regional testing center, FCCNA gives students the peace of mind to study and take the state exam at the same location. The school is also an FDLE approved Live Scan Level 2 Background Check Provider so every student has the opportunity to keep all CNA requirements under one roof. The option to get BLS/CPR certification is also available.

Admission criteria:

  • Submit a completed application
  • No high school diploma is required (If older than 18 years)

The bundled cost is $1,100 including the state exam fee, background check, and BLS/CPR certification. Other bundled packages are available.

  • Website:
  • Address: 3728 Philips Highway #13 Jacksonville, Fl 32207
  • Phone: (904)-778-5547
  • Email:

Acumen Medical Services

The small class sizes and full hands-on training differentiates Acumen Medical Services’ registered institute from many others. The program offers 120 hours of theory and practical instruction to prepare students for state certification. Past students rave about the dedicated instructors, flexible training options and limited enrollment – classes are limited to 5 students. Acumen is a licensed FL Testing Center so you can train and test in the same place. The school offers flexible schedules – morning, afternoon, and evening – to meet students’ needs.

Admission criteria:

  • Submit a completed application to the program
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Obtain a negative TB test

Training costs $250 inclusive of the training manual. Students must also pay for the state exam, FBI screening, and processing fee.

Affordable Training

Licensed by the Commission for Independent Education and approved by the Florida Board of Nursing, Affordable Training offers extensive CNA training. The course, which runs for four weeks, covers all aspects of training including CPR and First Aid, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s training, HIV, HIPAA, and Residents’ Rights. The small class sizes, hands-on training, and balance of theory with practical lead to the institute’s high pass rate and students’ on-the-job success. Classes meet Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm or 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm for the evening classes.

Admission criteria:

  • Attend an informational orientation
  • Take and pass a 10th-grade assessment based on a reading test

Tuition costs $795, which does not include the costs for testing and FBI screening. Books and registration are included in the cost of the training.

Florida State College Jacksonville (North Campus)

Florida Coast Career Tech is a division of the Florida State College located in Jacksonville. This training option not only prepares you to administer care to patients but also helps you earn credits toward an accredited nursing program should you decide to go further. The 120-hour training from this accredited institution covers classroom and practical training through a clinical externship at a hospital or nursing home. Course topics include basic nursing skills, personal care and grooming, communication and interpersonal relationships, body mechanics, Alzheimer’s care, observation and reporting, infection control, mental health, patients’ rights and independence, and Graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion and will be eligible to take the state exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Admission criteria:

  • Must be a U.S. citizen or legal immigrant
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Complete a background check and fingerprinting
  • Submit to drug screening
  • Complete a physical exam
  • Provide proof of current immunizations and test
  • Must have American Heart Association CPR/AED/BLS Certification

Tuition for the program is $1,228.

Florida Training Academy and Acuity CPR & Safety Training

Florida Training Academy, formerly Perfect CNA, prepares students for the state certification exam in just one week. The CNA exam prep course is a less expensive option to prepare for the state exam. The training is provided by experienced nurses who will provide hands-on training in the essential skills before the exam. FTA will guide students through the process of applying for the state exam and obtain state certification.

Admission criteria:

  • Submit a completed application
  • No high school diploma is required

The cost of the training is $250. Job placement assistance may be available for graduates.

  • Website:
  • Address: 2253 Cassat Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32210
  • Phone: (904) 551-0918
  • Fax: (904) 302-8055

One Week CNA Training

One Week CNA Training has a 98% success rate on the state certification. The hands-on training can be completed in just two to three days. It will include intensive preparation for the written and skills components of the state exam. Students will receive support through the application process for the state exam and certification. Securing a test day can take up to 90 days. Two class schedules are available. The morning class meets Monday through Wednesday or Friday through Sunday from 10 am to 1:20 pm. Evening classes meet Monday through Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. English and Spanish classes are available.

Admission criteria:

  • No high school diploma or GED is required for admission
  • Applicants must be 18 year or older
  • Complete the background check (required to take the state exam)
  • Must wear scrubs and tennis shoes to class

​Tuition for the program is $225. Students must cover costs for books and the state exam fee.

Baptist Health Clinical School

The Nurse Assistant program at Baptist Health has a special emphasis on acute care. Students will learn to care for patients in all types of care settings including long-term and hospital settings. The clinical rotations will include sessions in patient care. The school offers smaller class sizes, one-on-one interaction, and individualized guidance during clinical rotations. The curriculum covers 15 weeks of training in cluding classroom sessions, skills labs, testing, and clinicals. The final class will cover a review of the classroom material and hands-on skills to prepare students for success on the state exam. The clinical sessions include two 10-hours days at a long-term care facility, two 10-hour days at Baptist Medical Center, and three 12-hour days at a hospital. The school offers two separate cohorts – one meets on Tuesdays and the other on Thursdays.

Admission criteria:

  • Must be at least 16 years of age
  • Must take and pass the TABE test
  • Must submit a completed program application
  • Must pass a criminal background check and drug screen

The program cost of $745 includes tuition, books, lab supplies, and application fee.

Sharron Nursing Academy

The nursing assistant program at Sharron Nursing Academy is designed to prepare adults for entry-level positions as nursing assistants in various health care settings. Students will complete 165 hours of instruction including 80 hours in the classroom and 40 hours of clinical instruction plus 20 hours in a licensed nursing facility. Areas of study include communication and interpersonal skills, nutrition and feeding, measuring vital signs, respecting resident rights, infection control, measuring fluid intake and output, and positioning and turning. The program also includes training in HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, and prevention of medical errors. Graduates will be prepared for success on the nurse aide exam.

Admission criteria:

  • Must purchase the required textbook
  • Must complete a TB skin test of clear x-ray
  • Must provide proof of immunizations and COVID-19 status
  • Must provide proof of legal residency
  • Must purchase the required uniforms and nursing supplies including a stethoscope, watch with a second hand, and gait belt

The program cost of $1,172 includes tuition, lab fee, application fee, parking, clinical, and processing fee.

How Long Does It Take to Become A CNA in Jacksonville, FL?

A full CNA program can be as short as 4 weeks or as long as 15 weeks in Jacksonville. There are some fast-track, CNA test prep programs that may be completed in less than one week.

How Must Does A CNA Class Cost in Jacksonville?

The average cost of a nurse aide program comprising of at least 120 hours of theory and practical instruction is $1,100 in Jacksonville. CNA test prep programs that cover the information needed to challenge and pass the state nurse aide exam costs approximately $250.

What are the Requirements to Work as a CNA in Florida?

You must obtain certification to work as a nurse aide in Florida. There are five certification routes to establish your eligibility to become a CNA. The most common route is to complete a state-approved nursing assistant training program and pass the required nurse aide competency exam. Another option is to challenge the state exam if you believe you can pass the exam without training. If you decide to challenge the exam and fail one portion of the test three times, you will need to complete a state-approved nurse aide training program that covers at least 120 hours of instruction. Apart from passing the nurse aide exam, you must pass a background screen to qualify for certification.

Can I Take the CNA Exam Online in Florida?

The option to take the nurse aide exam online is not available in Florida. You may apply for the exam online and schedule to take the test at one of the Prometric-approved test centers in your area.

How Much Does a CNA Make in Jacksonville?

CNAs in Jacksonville earn a starting salary of $29,606 annually. The normal pay for most of the workforce is $34,006. Experienced nurse aides with essential skills can earn as much as $37,411 annually.


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