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Certified Nursing Aides work under the guidance of a licensed nurse or physician to care for patients or residents in an acute or long-term care facility. They provide physical as well as emotional support for the elderly, injured, sick, or disabled in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities. A CNA’s core duties include assisting patients with personal care, such as bathing, changing, eating, and mobility, making beds and keeping patients’ rooms tidy, responding to call lights, observing patients for behavioral changes and reporting concerns to senior members of the patient care team, transferring patients from the bed to the wheelchair, assisting with rehabilitative treatments, prepping patients for medical exams, setting up medical equipment, serving meals, and communicating with patients’ families. Through their constant support, a nursing assistant may help patients recover daily functions. In New Jersey, an adult who is desirous of becoming a CNA must complete the state curriculum for nursing assistants in long term care facilities and sit the written and skills components of nurse aide competency exam.

A career as a CNA may be a right fit for you if you’re compassionate and enjoy taking care of others. CNAs work under the direction of a registered nurse. Many CNAs use their experience and insight to enroll in a nursing education program to become a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse.

Cumberland County College

The Certified Nursing Assistant Program at Cumberland County College prepares adults for the provision of the basic care in a long-term care setting. The program is approved by the state and includes instruction in simulated long-term care classroom and at a long-term care facility outside the school. Students gain the essential knowledge and hands-on skills to pass the state licensing exam. The program’s length is 90 hours (4 to 6 weeks). Throughout the program, students will learn the role of Federal and State guidelines in long-term care facilities, how to utilize the care plan to care for residents, the rights of the resident in long-term care, the job duties of the nurse aide, and the effects of aging. Students also learn how to lift, move, and transfer residents, perform the 21 skill sets outlined in the candidate bulletin, identify types of behavioral changes, and how to manage a agitated resident. Classes meet Monday through Thursday from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm for 6 weeks. Tuition, books, and uniform cost a total of $3,300.

Academy of Healthcare Excellence

The nursing assistant program at the Academy of Healthcare Excellence provides the academic and practical training students need to practice as competent providers of care in a long-term care setting. The program is approved by the state and includes 90 hours of classroom, hands-on lab, and supervised patient care experiences in a long-term care setting. Graduates are eligible to sit the state certification exam to be added to the nurse aide registry. Course content includes medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, infection control, basic nursing skills, vital signs, rehabilitative and restorative techniques, range of motion, mental health, safety and emergency procedures, and perineal care. Other important skills include patient safety, Alzheimer’s care, patient transfers, personal care, fluid intake and output. Interested persons should chat with an admission’s specialist. Use the contact information provided below to find out more about the class schedule and tuition.

Medical Construction Industrial Training Center

The nursing assistant program at Medical Construction Industrial Training Center covers 90 hours in 4 to 6 weeks. The program is approved by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, so graduates are eligible to apply to sit the state exam. In the classroom, students learn in a simulated long-term care setting in preparation for the supervised patient care experience in a long-term care facility. The curriculum follows the guidelines as defined by state and federal requirements and includes instruction in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, vital signs, infection control, the role and responsibility of a nurse aide, personal care skills, communication and interpersonal relationship, safety and emergency procedures, perineal care, fluid intake and output, and death and dying. The cost of attendance is $2,350 and includes tuition, administration fee, and PSI testing fee.

PRN Training Center

The nursing assistant program at PRN Training Center, LLC is an approved by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. In addition to high quality training, students will receive assistance with job placement upon completion of the program. The classes run for 5 weeks and cover 90 hour of didactic and practical instruction. Students learn how to measure vital signs such as respiration and blood pressure, observe patients, record concerns, and report to a licensed nurse or senior personnel, communicate effectively with patients, their families, and members of the health care team, assist patients with the activities of daily living, make beds while patients are in the bed, transfer patients from the bed to a wheelchair and back again, assist nurses or doctors with treatments, serve meals and feed patients who cannot feed themselves, and ensure patients’ safety. Classes meet Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The program is open to admit adults who may be receiving assistance, unemployed, and under-employed. Tuition is free to eligible candidates. Use the contact information provided below to learn more about the class schedules and enrollment requirements.


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