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Nursing is an exciting field that offers an abundance of opportunities for new graduates and existing nurses. If you started out as a certified nurse aide, you can prepare for a career as a practical nurse in just 12 months. Nursing is a trusted profession with unlimited opportunities for growth. Nurses touch the lives of their patients, making a positive impact and promoting health and wellness. The practical nursing program covers the knowledge and skills needed to care for patients throughout the lifespan. After graduating from the program, you will most likely have your pick of jobs since there are more open positions than available nurses to fill them. Although the program will cover general nursing, you can develop your skills in one of the many specialty areas. Practical nursing may be your stepping stone to another role, such as a registered nurse or advanced practice nurse. LPN graduates can complete the requirements for registered nursing in just one year through an LPN to RN bridge program.

 St. Louis College of Health Careers

The Practical Nursing Diploma program at St. Louis College prepares certified nurse aides with the skills and knowledge to take a more active role in patient care. Theory and practical instruction will give them the confidence to and proficiency to care for patients of diverse backgrounds and ages. The comprehensive curriculum covers basic therapeutic, rehabilitative and preventative care. Students will learn how to measure vital signs, administer injections, apply dressings, maintain medical records, assist patients with ADLs, and perform clerical duties. Course topics include professional development, algebra, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, critical thinking, nutrition, nursing fundamentals, pharmacology for nurses, IV certification, personal and vocational concepts, nursing care of the adult, mental health nursing, nursing care of the geriatric client, human growth and development, leadership and management skills for nursing, nursing care of the maternal/child, and nursing in review. Students will complete a clinical practicum at local health care facilities. The duration of the program is 4 semesters.

Admission criteria:

  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Must attend an admissions interview campus tour
  • Must official college transcripts for any college-level courses – if applicable
  • Provide proof of work experience in healthcare – for a competitive advantage in the selection process
  • Must complete a satisfactory physical exam
  • Provide proof of immunization including 2-step PPD
  • Must have current CPR certification – AHA for Healthcare Providers

Tuition costs $23,375 if completed in the normal time. Textbooks and supplies cost an additional $2,656.

  • Website:
  • Address: 1297 North Highway Drive, Fenton, MO 63026
  • Phone: (636) 529-0000
  • Fax: (636) 529-0430
  • NCLEX-PN Pass Rate: 96.48%

Jefferson College Bi-Level Program

The practical nursing program at Jefferson College is part of a two-level program that prepares students for licensure as a practical nurse followed by preparation for registered nurse licensure. Course topics include fundamentals of nursing and clinical, intro to pharmacology, personal vocational concepts, mental health, pharmacology, medical surgical nursing, maternal/child nursing and clinical, medical surgical nursing clinical, and capstone practical nursing.  After completion of the practical program students must obtain licensure as an LPN to progress to the level II RN component. Graduates will be eligible to take the NCLEX for licensure as a practical nurse.

Admission criteria:

  • Submit a completed application online
  • Complete the Placement Tests at the Jefferson College Testing Center or submit official ACT results
  • Meet with an Advising Specialist to review the nursing requirements
  • Must take and pass the ATI TEAS
  • Must have a minimum 2.8 GPA on prerequisite courses – Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, General Psychology, Life Span Development, English Composition
  • Submit documentation of immunization – TDaP, Varicella, MMR, Hepatitis A series, Hepatitis B series, annual flu vaccine
  • Must have current CPR certification

Tuition for the program is $4,985 for in-district students and $6,675 for those in-state.

  • Website:
  • Address: 1000 Viking Drive, Hillsboro, MO 63050
  • Phone: 636-481-3000
  • Fax: 636-797-3000
  • NCLEX-PN Pass Rate: 100%


Nurse aides may enroll in the practical nursing program at Applied Technology to gain the knowledge and hands-on experience to become a skilled healthcare providers. Students will learn from experienced instructors who will supply them with real-world scenarios. The curriculum will cover 1440 clock hours of theory and practical instruction. Course topics include anatomy and physiology, personal and vocational concepts, fundamentals of nursing, human growth and development, pharmacology, intravenous therapy, geriatric nursing, adult health nursing, behavioral health, simulation, nursing of children, maternal and newborn nursing, and nursing leadership. The program is approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing. Graduates will be prepared to take the NCLEX-PN exam to obtain licensure as a practical nurse.

Admission criteria:

  • Must submit a completed application for admission
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must obtain a minimum score on the entrance assessment
  • Must complete a 5-panel drug screen
  • Must obtain a clear criminal background check and family registry check
  • Must complete a physical exam and meet the immunization requirement
  • Must provide three professional references – forms provided .

The total estimated cost of the program is $19,962 and includes tuition, supplies, fees, uniform, textbooks, fingerprinting, CPR certification, and nursing pin.

  • Website:
  • Address: 6347 Plymouth Ave, St. Louis MO 63133
  • Phone: (314) 746-0788
  • NCLEX-PN Pass Rate: 86.54%

Washington School of Practical Nursing

Certified nursing assistants may enroll in the practical nursing program at the Washington School of Practical Nursing to develop skills in the delivery of bedside care. The program covers a total of 1364 instructional hours comprising of theory in the classroom, lab skills, and clinical sessions at a local health care facility. Course topics include orientation, anatomy and physiology, fundamentals of nursing, personal and vocational concepts, growth and development across the lifespan, orientation to clinical, nursing of adults, nursing of adults clinical, administration of medications, maternal and newborn nursing, nursing of children, nursing of the elderly, mental health concepts, and observational rotations. The program is approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing and accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education. Graduates will be prepared to sit for the NCLEX for Practical Nurses. Classes meet Monday through Thursday for one year.

Admission criteria:

  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Must submit an application to the WSPN office
  • Must successfully complete the WSPN entrance exam – TEAS at basic level. Must obtain a score of 58% or higher
  • Submit “Why I Want to be a LPN” essay
  • Must submit high school and college transcripts
  • Must attend an applicant interview as scheduled
  • Must attend a New Student Orientation
  • Must obtain a clear background check and urine drug screen by the first day of class
  • Must obtain a current physical and all updated immunizations
  • Must obtain BLS/CPR certification

Tuition costs $18,00 0 for the school year. Additional out-of-pocket expenses include watch, clinical uniforms, fingerprint fee, graduation fee, NCLEX fee, gait belt, and clinical shoes.

St Charles Community College

The practical nursing program at St Charles Community College is open to certified nurse aides to want to administer safe, patient-centered nursing care as a practical nurse. Course topics include English composition, intro to psychology, gerontology, aspect of aging, psychology of aging, essentials of anatomy and physiology, personal and vocational concepts, fundamentals of practical nursing, and practical nursing across the lifespan. Intravenous theory is included in the program so students will be prepared for employment as IV-certified licensed practical nursing after graduation and completion of the state board requirements for licensure. Graduates will receive a Certificate of Achievement and be eligible to apply for the Practical Nurse Licensing Exam.

Admission criteria:

  • Must meet with an allied health advisor
  • Must complete the assessment test or submit official transcript for English and math courses
  • Must complete any required developmental coursework
  • Must complete prerequisite courses with a grade C or better – Anatomy and Physiology
  • Must have a 2.7 GPA on 12+ college level credits
  • Must submit satisfactory ACT scores
  • Must complete the HESI A2 and earn a minimum 70% on Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Math, and Anatomy and Physiology

The program cost of $10,928 includes tuition, criminal background check, textbooks, insurance fee, assessment fee, and technology fee.

Bolivar Technical College

Certified nursing assistants have the chance to prepare for a more advanced role in patient care by enrolling in the practical nursing program at Bolivar Technical College. They will learn the basics of bedside care and patient safety. The curriculum is primarily focused on nursing and not on excess general education courses. General education classes are built on and completed during the program. Theory and practical instruction will cover basic nursing skills, communication, safety, medical math, administering medication, confidentiality, body systems, electronic health records, mental health, leadership and management, IV certification, and NCLEX prep. The curriculum covers a total of 1264 contact hours or 62 credit hours. The duration of the program is one year.

Admission criteria:

  • Submit a completed college application
  • Submit satisfactory ATI TEAS test scores
  • Must obtain a satisfactory background screening through Validity Screening Solutions
  • Must have proof of current AHA Basic Life Support CPR certification
  • Must complete a satisfactory drug screen
  • Must submit a current and satisfactory immunization record

Tuition costs $275 per credit hour for nursing core courses and $395 per credit hour of general education courses. The clinical tuition is $1,100 per semester. Other expenses include uniforms, name badge, gait belt, fees, drug screening, fingerprinting, NCLEX fee, graduation fee, and liability insurance.

Crowder College

The practical nursing program at Crowder College prepares students for the path of a licensed practical nurse. Students will acquire entry-level competencies as a practical nurse to enter the high-demand field of healthcare. The curriculum covers a total of 56 credit hours. Course topics college orientation, personal and vocational concepts, human structure and function, fundamentals of nursing, medical surgical nursing, pharmacology, gerontology, maternal child nursing, and mental health and mental illness. The program is approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Graduates will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN. The program is designed to be completed in two semesters.

Admission criteria:

  • Must have a valid high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must complete the TEAS pre-entrance exam
  • Must have a good moral character – references required
  • Must not have any Class A or B felonies on criminal background check
  • Must be enrolled in the Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) with no disqualifying issues
  • Must obtain a satisfactory drug screen
  • Must be able to perform Required Functional Abilities
  • Must have adequate finances and transport to the clinical sites

Tuition costs $103 per credit hour for in-district students and $173 per credit hour for those out-of-district. The estimated total program cost is $17,911 and includes tuition, books, and supplies.





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