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Certified nurse assisting can be a stepping stone to other jobs in healthcare. Equipped with basic nursing skills and a desire to care for patients, many CNAs move on to a noble and highly rewarding career in nursing. Certified nursing assistant programs not only prepare students to fill a critical role in healthcare by supporting licensed nurses and physicians but also provides the foundational training needed to enroll in a licensed practical or registered nursing program. What’s more, the training lasts for just a few weeks, allowing graduates to embark on a new career without an extended wait. A CNA’s responsibilities vary by setting and may include bathing, feeding, and walking patients, making beds, assisting patients with range of motion, measuring vital signs, and observing patients’ physical, emotional, and mental well-being and reporting concerns to a doctor or nurse.

Amarillo College-Center For Continuing Health Care

Amarillo College prepares nursing assistant students for a fulfilling career as a Certified Nurse Assistant. Committed instructors provide hands-on as well as classroom instruction to prepare for the state competency exam and success on the job. The program is available in daytime and evening schedules to accommodate working students. The duration is 8 to 10 weeks based on the schedule. Applicants must complete all the immunization requirements and background check to register for the program. Required immunization includes MMR, Varicella, TB test, TDap, and a seasonal flu shot. The estimated cost of attendance is $1231.50 and includes tuition ($895), background check ($54), testing ($85.50), books ($77), and uniform, white shoes and gait belt ($120). The program is eligible for financial aid.

  • Website:
  • Address: 6222 W. 9th, Amarillo, Texas 79178
  • Phone: (806) 354-6085

Frank Phillips College

Frank Phillips College’s nurse assistant curriculum is approved by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. Graduates qualify to take the state certification exam to work in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home health agencies. Applicants must be 16 years or older and be able to read, write, and speak English. Proof of immunization (TDap, MMR, completed Hepatitis B series, and Varicella) must be submitted prior to registration. In accordance with Texas State law, student trainees must not have a record of criminal convictions. The school will conduct a background check prior to the first day of class. The cost of the background verification is the student’s responsibility.

Clarendon College

The nursing assistant certificate program at Clarendon College is open to any individual 16 years or older. Graduates of the state-approved program are eligible to take the certification exam to become a Certified Nurse Assistant. The curriculum covers theory in the classroom, hands-on practice in the school’s clinical lab, and real-world patient care at an approved nursing facility. Students learn basic nursing skills, communication, vital signs, observation and reporting, safety procedures, laws governing practice, patient transfer, and rehabilitative and restorative techniques among others. In order to participate in the clinical experience, students must submit documentation of TDap, Hepatitis B, MMR, and Varicella immunization and pass a criminal records check before registration.

Below is a list of other Texas state-approved CNA programs in Amarillo, TX:
Canyon High School C.N.A.
6222 West 9th Ave (P.O, Box 447)
Amarillo, Texas 79178
(806) 354-6087

Randall High School C.N.A. Program
5800 Attebury Road
Amarillo, Texas 79118
(806) 677-2347

Amarillo VA Medical & Community Living Center
6010 Amarillo Blvd West
Amarillo, Texas 79106
(806) 468-1540

Craig Methodist Retirement Community/Windflower Nu
5500 W 9th Avenue
Amarillo, Texas 79106
(806) 352-7422

Ware Living Center
400 W 14th St
Amarillo, Texas 79101
Director: Susan Speed
(806) 337-4000

The Arbors
1910 Medi Park Dr
Amarillo, Texas 79106
(806) 457-4700

Caprock Nursing & Rehabilitation
900 College Avenue
Borger, Texas 79007
(806) 274-9600

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