CNA Classes Lafayette, LA

A Certified Nursing Aide cares for patients and meets their basic nurses under the direction of a licensed nurse. The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals requires nurse aide students to complete at least 80 hours of classroom and clinical instruction in preparation for practice. But more than clinical skills, the CNA must possess the essential traits that will make the task of patient care and recovery a lot simpler. A CNA must be calm, empathetic, flexible, compassionate, respectful, patient, attentive to detail, and emotionally stable. Optimism, determination, and good organizational skills are other traits that will help nurse aides focus on their tasks and work well with other members of the patient care team. CNAs may be skilled at patient care, but the extent of their involvement in specific procedures is limited by their scope of practice outlined by the state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016 figures, there were over 21,450 CNAs employed in Louisiana. They earned a median annual salary of $21,610. CNAs in the metropolitan areas earn approximately $2,170 more based on education and experience.

Infinity College

The nursing assistant program at Infinity College prepares students to become certified as a nurse assistant in the State of Louisiana. Graduates who complete the program and meet the requirements of the Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals will be added to the Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry. The curriculum covers 80 hours of classroom and clinical instruction. The supervised clinical experience will take place in a skilled nursing facility and will give students the opportunity to provide direct patient under the direction of a licensed nurse. Course topics include anatomy and physiology, range of motion, basic nursing skills, nutrition, infection control, vital signs, communication and interpersonal relationships, personal care, mental health concepts, and hospice care. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, be 16 years or older, pass a background check, completion the health requirements, provide a TB test or chest x-ray, and pass a drug screen.

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