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Certified Nursing Assistants work on the front lines of patient care. They are actively involved in patients’ care and restoration as they meet their basic needs. Their role as a part of the health care team is vital to the daily operations of the hospital and long-term care facility where they function.… Read the rest

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes an employment outlook each year that gives evidence to a growing crisis in healthcare. Nursing assistants make up a vital part of the nursing workforce, and as far as projections go, the profession is expected to realize unprecedented growth in the next decade.… Read the rest

CNA Classes St. Paul, MN

Healthcare jobs are among the fastest-growing and will continue this trend over the next decade. The industry, along with social assistance will recognize an increase of 5.6 million jobs over the next decade. Healthcare support occupations will grow by 34.5 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.… Read the rest

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A Certified Nursing Assistant provides direct care services under the supervision of a licensed nurse. They work primarily in long-term care facilities, home health agencies, and hospitals caring for the elderly. CNAs assist patients with daily activities, helping them to do those things they cannot do independently, such as bathing, dressing, and mobility.… Read the rest

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Certified Nursing Assistants are essential members of today’s healthcare teams. They perform hands-on patient care and routine tasks for people of various ages and states of health. CNAs work under the guidance of a registered, licensed practical nurse, or physician in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other healthcare settings.… Read the rest