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Certified nursing assistants work under a licensed nurse’s supervision to provide for the basic needs of patients. Their continuous, daily work with patients places them in an ideal position to relate vital information about the patient to nurses and other supervisors. In spite of the strenuous workload, many CNAs with a desire to help others, profess that the job is a rewarding one. A successful CNA is compassionate, an excellent communicator, a team player, and have the training required to manage patients’ needs.

The healthcare sector remains unaffected by the economic slow-down. As the industry continues its faster-than-average growth rate, there will be numerous opportunities for incoming CNAs to care for the elderly. Apart from new jobs, the high turnover rate in the profession force employers to be constantly on the lookout for new employees. Prospective nurse assistants in New York, must complete an approved training program for registration on the state’s Nurse Aide Registry.

Westchester EOC – Yonkers Extension Center

Individuals with a genuine interest in caring for others can enroll in the Certified Nurse Aide/ Home Health Care program at Westchester EOC. Graduates are prepared for success on the New York State certification exam for registration on the state’s Home Care Registry. Required courses in the curriculum include medical abbreviations, medical terminology, fundamentals of patient care, body systems, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, CPR, and safety and emergency procedures. During the clinical phase of the programs, students work under the supervision of a licensed nurse to provide basic care for elderly patients and learn how to make beds, feed patients, transport patients, and monitor vital signs. Applicants must have a high school diploma or HSE, a minimum 8.0 TABE reading, the ability to pass a physical exam, background check and drug screen, and the necessary immunizations. An interest in healthcare and career readiness are other requirements for admission. Once accepted, students must purchase the school’s uniform, submit the completed physical exam report and drug test, and secure background clearance prior to the first day of class. The duration of the program is 14 weeks.

Family Service Society of Yonkers

As a premier provider of home health care services in Yonkers, the Family Service Society offers PCA/HHA training on an ongoing basis to prepare graduates for the state exam and subsequent employment with FSSY. The free training includes instruction in the theoretical and practical aspects of patient care. Applicants must be 18 years or older and have the ability to pass a drug screen, criminal background check, and physical exam. Course topics include medical terminology and abbreviations, feeding and nutrition, safety procedures, infection control, observation and reporting, communication, and vital signs. Tuition is free.

Cochran School of Nursing at St. John’s Riverside Hospital

The nurse assistant program at Cochran School of Nursing prepares students for the New York State Certified Nursing Assistant Exam. After successfully passing the state exam, CNA graduates will have the skills and competencies to care for patients in hospitals and residents in a long-term care facility. Classes meet Monday through Friday for approximately 7 weeks. The curriculum includes instruction in the classroom and practical training in a simulated lab followed by patient care experiences at a long-term care facility. Course topics include anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, fundamentals of patient care, vital signs, range of motion, personal hygiene, role and responsibility of a nurse aide, patient safety, patient confidentiality, and infection control. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED or pass an admission assessment, pass a physical exam, criminal background check, and drug screen, obtain the necessary immunization, and TB clearance. The cost for this class is $1,300 not including textbook and clinical supplies. A flexible payment plan is available.

Big Apple Training

The Certified Nurse Assistant class at Big Apple Training comprises of 38 sessions of classroom instruction and practical training. Graduates of the state-approved program are eligible to take the New York State Certification Exam for nurse assistants. Experienced instructors are committed to students’ success and provide personalized training to ensure students master the clinical skills that are essential to patient care and understand the fundamental principles of patient care within the borders of state laws. Applicants must provide a copy of their high school diploma or GED, a photo ID, and deposit to register for the class. An assessment test will be given to applicants who do not have a high school diploma or GED. Other requirements, such as TB testing, MMR, varicella, and Hepatitis B immunizations, a physical exam, drug screen, and criminal background check may be required for clinical placement. Morning and evening schedules are available at the school’s White Plains location. Contact the school to find out the cost of attendance and the details of the interest-free payment plan.

T&J Nursing Assistant Training School

T&J Nursing is a state-approved provider of nursing assistant training. Students benefit from the flexible day, evening, and weekend classes. The intensive curriculum covers 6 to 10 weeks of training based on the schedule. Course topics include medical terminology and abbreviation, anatomy and physiology, personal hygiene, safety and emergency, vital signs, ambulation, role and responsibility of the nursing assistant, observation and reporting, communication skills, and care for patients with mental illness. Applicants with no high school diploma or GED must pass an entrance exam for admission. Other requirements for entry include a physical exam, drug screen, TB screen, immunizations, and criminal background check.


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