CNA Classes Cedar Rapids, IA

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) provide basic patient care under the supervision of a licensed nurse. If you’re compassionate and enjoy working with the elderly, the role of a nurse aide may be right for you. You must be able to communicate with patients, anticipate their needs, and collaborate with nurses to rehabilitate and restore health.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Des Moines, IA

Across the country, Certified Nursing Assistants function as the eyes and ears of nurses, bringing relief and comfort to residents who cannot care for themselves. Caring for others is a calling that requires a genuine desire to help others, dependability, and compassion.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Sioux City, IA

Under direct supervision, the Certified Nurse Assistant is responsible for assisting with direct patient care as well as other duties as needed to support the patient environment. A CNA works in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and patients’ homes, meeting the components of patient care, observation, nutrition, transportation, documentation, and general maintenance of the patients’ environment.… Read the rest