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The Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry, created through a federal mandate and regulations, recognizes six categories of Certified Nurse Aides: long-term care aide, home health aide, developmentally disabled direct care aide, residential care aide, adult day care aide, and certified medication aide. All workers in these categories must complete a state-approved training nurse aide training program before applying for the Certified Nurse Aide Examination administered by Prometric and D&S Diversified Technologies. After successfully passing the knowledge and clinical skills test, the candidate can use the title, “Certified Nurse Aide” and provide nursing care to residents in the nursing facility or residential care home. The Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry oversees the state’s nurse aide training curriculum and programs, develops and maintains the nontechnical services worker registry, keeps track of certified nurse aides, and provides public education.

CNA Classes in OK:

How to Apply for the Oklahoma CNA Exam – D&S Diversified Technologies

To apply for the test with D&S Diversified Technologies, you should contact Diane Decker, RN, at OSU-OKC by calling 1-405-945-9145. To take the test at an independent test site, not associated with OSU, you should contact Headmaster at 1-800-393-8664.

The application form for the test is available online. Indicate whether you’ve completed a state-approved nurse aide training program in the last two years or currently enrolled in the pre-licensure RN or LPN program or a graduate of the foreign nursing education program.

D&S will provide reasonable accommodations if you have a qualifying disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Notify D&S in advance and provide documentation to support your request signed by a licensed physician or another specialist.

CNA Exam Overview Oklahoma – D&S Diversified Technologies

The CNA exam comprises of the written and skills test. You must pass both exams to be placed on the Oklahoma Nurse Aide Registry.

The Written Exam

The written exam is administered via electronic WebETest Written Test. Candidates will have a maximum of ninety (90) minutes to complete the 72-question Written Test. The proctor will announce when fifteen (15) minutes are left. Candidates may not ask questions about the content of the Written Test (such as “What does this question mean?”). They must have a score of 70% or better to pass the written portion of the test. Anyone who takes or tries to take materials or information from the testing room is subject to prosecution. Key subject areas are:



Infection Control

Data Collection

Personal Care

Basic Nursing Skills

Mental Health

Role and Responsibility

Care Impaired

Disease Process

Resident Rights

Older Adult Growth and Development

The Oral Test

The oral test is an alternative to the written test that is specially designed for persons with a reading disability or those who consider English as a second language. You’ll hear the questions through the computer headphones and will have control buttons to replay and pause. If you want to take the Oral test, you must request it in advance.

The Skills Exam

The skills evaluation is an assessment of your nursing assistant skills. A full list of the skill tasks is available in the Candidate Handbook. Handwashing will be one of the five skills you’ll have to perform. The other four skills will be selected at random. It is vital that you perform the steps listed for each task and receive a passing score of 80 percent on each task (do not miss the bolded steps in the task list). If you fail a single task, you’ll fail the overall exam. The failed task will be one of the tasks included when you retake the exam. The duration of the skills exam is 35 minutes.

What to Bring to the Exam

You should arrive at the test site 20 to 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

Take the following with you:

  • A signed, valid photo ID. Examples of accepted ID are an alien registration card, a driver’s license, passport, work authorization card, or state-issued identification
  • A second ID with your signature. Examples are a social security card, credit card or debit card, high school ID, library card, or First Aid or CPR card.

Wear appropriate clothing such as a uniform, scrubs, and flat, non-skid, closed-toe shoes. Cell phones, beepers, food, books, resource materials, and other personal items are not allowed in the exam room. If you arrive late without appropriate ID, you will not be permitted to take the exam and your test fees will not be refunded.

Receiving Your Scores

The test results will be sent to the OSDH, who will issue your CNA certificate if you pass the exam and meet all the requirements for certification. If you fail one or more test components, you must reapply to take the component(s) that you failed. Details for reapplying will be included in the failure notification letter mailed to the address you provided.

The results are available for viewing online on the same day they’re graded. They will be available for viewing after 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time, 24 to 48 hours after the test event. You can log into Headmaster’s website, using your social security number, test date, and birth date to view your results.

How to Apply for the Oklahoma CNA Exam – Prometric

To be eligible to take the CNA exam through Prometric, you must have completed an approved nurse aide training program within the past 24 months. Testing must be successfully completed within the stipulated two-year period. If you fail one or both parts of the exam three times, you must retake a state-approved training program to be eligible to retest.

Applying for and scheduling your CNA Exam:

Prometric administers the exam through nursing homes and training programs in Oklahoma. If your training provider is an approved test site, they will make the arrangements will Prometric and provide you with a date and time for the Nurse Aide Competency Examination. The fees for the exam may or may not be included in the total cost of training.

If you require special test accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you must submit a written request to Prometric. You request must describe the type of the accommodation requested and include a physician’s or specialist’s note to support the request. Prometric will send notification of the outcome of the review before the test is scheduled. Provide at least 30 days advance notice to for testing arrangements.

Exam Costs

If you’re employed or receive an offer of employment from a nursing home that is certified by Medicaid, you may be eligible to have your expenses paid by the employer.

CNA Exam Overview Oklahoma – Prometric

The Nurse Aide Competency Exam comprises of two separate tests: the Written (Knowledge) test and the clinical skills test. First-time test takers must take both tests on the same day. Depending on the center, you’ll receive the test as a written test where you provide your responses on the test booklet or a computerized test that requires submissions using a computer mouse. No computer experience is required for the computerized test. The knowledge test covers five specific areas to evaluate your knowledge. The clinical skills test is an assessment of your attention to key checkpoints when caring for patients.

The Written Exam

The written test contains 55 multiple-choice questions that you’ll complete in 90 minutes or less. The test administrator will provide a tutorial before the test begins to describe the steps for taking the test on the computer. The tutorial will cover moving the mouse and using it to select answers, marking a question for review, viewing a summary list of questions and showing answered and unanswered questions, and submitting your test for scoring. The test questions address the main categories of care and include risks related to common injuries, safety devices, potential hazards in the healthcare environment, care and use of assistive devices, effects of immobility, nutrition and hydration, emotional support strategies, acute emergency procedures, age-related changes, job responsibilities of the nurse aide, and team principles, etc.

The distribution of questions are as follows:

  • Role of the Nurse Aide – 18%
  • Promotion of safety – 18%
  • Promotion of Function and Health of Residents – 24%
  • Basic Nursing Care Provided by the Nurse Aide – 26%
  • Providing Specialized Care for Residents with Changes in Health – 14%

The Oral Test

The written test is available in oral form if you request it. The oral format is helpful if you have difficulty reading or if English is your second language. During the test, the questions will be read to you. Your responses will be submitted using the mouse. You can replay questions as many times as you need to. Requests for the oral exam must be made at least 30 days before your preferred test date.

The Skills Exam

The duration of the clinical test is 31 to 40 minutes depending on the skills you’re assigned. You’ll be asked to perform three skills issued at the time of scheduling, and during the execution of the assigned tasks, the Nurse Aide Evaluator will assess your Handwashing and Indirect Care. These two skills are standard for every test; pay attention to your communication with the resident and remember his/her rights, comfort and needs, and the importance of washing your hands to control infection. You don’t have to be perfect with the tasks, but you must remember details and execute each checkpoint. If you make a mistake or need to redo a step, inform the NAE – corrections are allowed only when you make them during the skill you’re executing. You cannot go back to a previous skill to make corrections. A list of skills for Oklahoma and the appropriate checkpoints are available in the Candidate Handbook. Another candidate will play the role of the resident, and you should be prepared to do the same for another candidate.

What To Bring To The Exam

Exam personnel have the right to refuse admission if you arrive late or present invalid, falsified or unacceptable ID. Arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled exam time to check in, receive instructions, and verify your ID.

You must present:

  • Government-issued identification with a photograph and signature that bears the same name used to register for the exam. Examples of acceptable government-issued ID include a driver’s license, passport, or military identification.
  • Your social security card or a letter from the social security administration that indicates your name and social security number. Your SSN will be used as an identifier on the Nurse Aide Registry, so it is imperative that you provide accurate information.

Wear uniform or scrubs and flat, non-skid, closed-toed shoes for the clinical.

You should bring snacks and/or lunch as the written and oral tests may take several hours. You cannot eat during the tests, but you may eat while waiting to take the test.

Receiving Your Scores

Since the test is administered electronically, you’ll receive results when the test is done. For the written test, the score report will indicate whether you passed or failed and show your percentage for each major section of the test. The percentages are helpful if you fail and must retake the test. Contact Prometric directly for questions related to the results. Your results will be reported to the state’s Nurse Aide Registry within two business days, and you’ll receive your registry certificate within 14 business days. The report will have instructions for retaking the exam if you fail one or more components of the test.

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