How To Pass the CNA Written Test

So you want to become a CNA and discovered that you must obtain a license to practice within your state. You, rightly, ask other CNAs about the licensure exam. One person says it’s as easy as can be and the other says it’s impossible to pass.… Read the rest

How To Pass the CNA Skills Test

The CNA Skills Evaluation is the most challenging part of the CNA exam for more than 65% of test-takers.

While the state-approved training program will do all it can to prepare you for the test, a large of your success depends on what you do before (preparation) and on exam day.… Read the rest

CNA Exam and Certification Missouri

The Omnibus Nursing Home Act requires prospective nursing assistants to complete a training program in preparation for employment in a licensed long-term care facility. Students learn the fundamentals of resident care through 75 hours of classroom training and 100 hours of on-the-job training at a skilled nursing facility.… Read the rest

CNA Exam and Certification Maine

Out of all states, Maine has the highest training requirements for nursing assistants. The Maine Registry of Certified Nursing Assistants & Direct Care Workers requires nurse aide students to complete a minimum of 180 hours of training, divided into 90 hours of theory in a classroom setting, 20 hours of practical lab work, and 70 hours in a clinical environment where students will perform nurse aide procedures under the direction of a registered nurse.… Read the rest

CNA Exam and Certification Nebraska

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services defines a nurse aide as “an individual other than a licensed health care professional who is employed to perform nursing or nursing related services.” To practice in a Medicare/Medicaid facility, a nurse aide must complete an approved training program comprising of at least 75 hours of classroom and clinical instruction and the competency evaluation comprising of a written exam and skills evaluation.… Read the rest

SRNA Exam and Certification Kentucky

Nurse aides in Kentucky are sometimes called certified nurse aides but the correct title for those listed on the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry is State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA). A state registered nurse aide is an individual who provides nursing or nursing-related services to facility residents.… Read the rest

CNA Exam and Certification Iowa

Iowa Nurse Aide must complete a state approved training program consisting of 75 hours, including at least 30 hours of clinical practicum, for placement on the Direct Care Worker Registry. Candidates may commence practice before enrolling in a nurse aide program but must fulfill the 20-hour training requirement beforehand in preparation for resident contact.… Read the rest

CNA Exam and Certification Indiana

The Indiana State Department of Health oversees nurse aide training and competency programs within the state. Approved training programs provide 105 hours of classroom and practical instruction to prepare graduates for practice. Ivy Tech Community College conducts the CNA evaluation to determine candidate’s eligibility for certification.… Read the rest