CNA Classes Anaheim, CA

Certified Nursing Assistants are in high demand in today’s job market. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of nursing aides is projected to grow by 20 percent through the year 2020, with approximately 302,000 new positions added during the period.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Torrance, CA

Certified Nurse Assistants collaborate with nurses, physicians, and other licensed professionals to care for patients in various healthcare settings. They play a vital role in healthcare delivery and are usually the ones that spend the most time with patients. CNAs provide both physical and emotional support to patients.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Santa Ana, CA

Employment of CNAs is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2018 in response to the long-term care needs of an increasing elderly population and changes in healthcare. The high rate of turnover in the industry will also be a major source of new job openings as many workers leave the occupation for a different career or advance to positions in nursing following further study.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Oakland, CA

Certified Nurse Assistants work alongside nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals to provide direct patient care services in a variety of settings. They are a critical part of a healthcare delivery as they’re often the ones that are most in contact with patients.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Fremont, CA

California nursing assistants who find work in Medicare or Medicaid funded nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities must acquire state certification. The certification process involves completing a 160-hour state-approved nursing assistant course and passing the state competency exam administered by Pearson Vue.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Riverside, CA

Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) are essential to the daily operation of California’s hospitals and nursing homes. They work on the front lines of direct patient care, under the direction of a licensed nurse, helping patients with activities of daily living, setting up medical equipment, and checking patients’ vital signs.… Read the rest

CNA Classes San Francisco, CA

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median yearly salary for California CNAs is $29,400 or $13.42 an hour. San Francisco’s CNAs may earn slightly less or more depending on a number of factors. Common factors that will determine your salary include your education, experience, cost of living and the type of industry you choose to work in (private clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, or home health agencies).… Read the rest

CNA Classes Long Beach, CA

CNAs follow basic nursing procedures to provide direct patient care to residents in long-term care settings, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities. They’re often the primary caregivers in these facilities, assisting residents with bathing, dressing, meals, and movement. The California Department of Health regulates the requirements for certification and employment for California’s CNAs.… Read the rest

CNA Classes in San Jose, California

CNAs are in great demand in California, and you can become one in a few short weeks. With just 160 hours of training in San Jose, you can get certified and turn your life around for the better. The California Department of Health governs training and certification and requires all prospective nurse aides to obtain certification and placement on the registry before providing services at licensed nursing homes and long term care facilities.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Bakersfield, CA

A Bureau of Labor Statistics report places California as the number one state with the most new jobs for CNAs with more than 3,900 new job openings yearly. In a separate report, the California Department of Aging reveals startling statistics: California is the fastest growing state and will account for 14 percent of the nation’s total population by 2020.… Read the rest

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