Taking The CNA Exam Arizona

The Nursing Assistant Competency Evaluation, administered by Headmaster, LLC (D&S Diversified Technologies) in Arizona, ensures that nursing assistant candidates meet the defined standards for the profession and can safely and competently perform the duties of an entry-level CNA. The following paragraphs will describe the steps to take the competency evaluation and prepare for testing. You can apply for the two-part exam after completing an Arizona Board of Nursing (AZBN) approved training program.

CNA Classes in AZ:

How to Apply for the Arizona CNA Exam

Before scheduling an exam date, you must have successfully completed a Nursing Assistant Training program comprising of at least 120 hours of classroom and clinical instruction. Student nurses and military personnel with medical training can apply for the exam after receiving a Nurse Assistant Education Waiver from the AZBN.

After your training provider completes your AZBN registration online, you can:

  • Schedule your exam date online at hdmaster.com.
  • Enter your TEST ID# and Pin#, provided by the training program, to complete the scheduling.
  • Pay the fee for testing using a Visa or MasterCard. Alternatively, you can complete the Scheduling and Payment Form 1042 and mail to Headmaster with a money order, facility check, cashier’s check, or Visa and MasterCard details.
  • Submit a copy of your NA training certificate to Headmaster.
  • Request special accommodations for the exam if you qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Scheduling the Exam with an NA Waiver

  • Complete and submit the Headmaster NA Application Form 1101.
  • Complete the Headmaster Scheduling and Payment Form 1042.
  • Enclose a cashier’s check, money order, and Visa/MasterCard details to cover the payment.
  • Enclose a copy of your AZBN NA Education Waiver.
  • Double check your name, phone number, address, email address, and social security number before mailing the form.
  • Headmaster will complete your registration and scheduling upon receipt of your application.
  • Request special accommodations for the exam if you qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Review the test site schedule on Headmaster’s website to choose a suitable date. Check the Three Month Test Schedule for more information. Note: Your training program may pre-schedule test dates for graduating students, so check with the administrator before scheduling a date with Headmaster.

Exam Costs

The established testing fees in Arizona are as follows:

  • Knowledge test or retest – $30
  • Oral test or retest – $40
  • Skills test or retest – $88
  • Overnight shipping – $39.50
  • Express service fee – $15
  • Priority Fax Service – $5
  • Reschedule – $35
  • Cancelation – $28
  • Test review fee – $25

When taking the exam for the first time, you must schedule both the written/oral and skills test at the same time.

CNA Exam Overview Arizona

The CNA exam in Arizona is comprised of the written test and skills evaluation. An oral (English) test is available if you have difficulty reading English. You must pass both components of the exam to qualify for CNA certification in Arizona.

The Written Exam

For the written exam, you’ll have a maximum of 90 minutes to complete 75 multiple-choice questions. Several test sites across Arizona utilize electronic testing called WebEtest using computers connected to the Internet. During this test, you must key in your answers to the questions displayed on the computer. The WebEtest reduces to the time it takes to score tests, so results are delivered faster than the traditional paper and pencil testing. In accordance with OBRA regulations, the written exam tests your understanding of safety, communication, infection control, data collection, personal care, basic nursing skills, mental health, role and responsibility, care impaired, resident rights, disease process, and adult growth and development.

The Oral Exam (Alternative)

An oral version of the knowledge test is available for candidates who request it at the time of application. There’s an additional charge for the oral test that is delivered from a cassette or through computer headphones at centers that use WebEtest. The test is delivered in English. ESL candidates can use a word-for-word only translation dictionary for the knowledge portion of the test.

The Skills Exam

The skills test evaluates your nurse assistant skills. You’ll have forty minutes to complete four tasks; one on Perineal Care or Bed Pan and Output and three other randomly selected tasks. You must perform the key steps in each task, scoring a mark of 80% of above to pass the skills exam. For subsequent skills retest, you’ll have to perform one of the tasks you failed, one of the two mandatory tasks, and two randomly selected tasks.

What To Bring To The Exam

Arrive at the test site twenty to thirty minutes before the scheduled start time and:

  • Wear a scrub top and pants, closed-toed, soft-soled shoes. You will not be admitted to the exam without scrubs.
  • Bring a government-issued, signed, non-expired photo ID. A US passport, driver’s license, state-issued ID card, and military ID are just a few examples. Your first and last name on the ID should match the name on the nurse assistant
  • Bring your test notification letter.
  • Take two sharpened #2 pencils and an eraser if taking the paper knowledge test.

Receiving Your Scores

After completing the knowledge and skills test, Headmaster will calculate your scores and send to the AZBN. The Board will issue your certification if you meet all the requirements. If you fail either test, you must reapply to take the one you failed – details will be included on the failure notification letter. The results for the electronic test are available within 24 to 48 hours after the test. For paper tests, results are usually available within 4 to 6 business days after the test. Arizona candidates can test as many times as needed to pass the test within a two-year period of completing the training program.

Contact the Registry

Arizona Board of Nursing

4747 N. 7th St., Suite 200
Phoenix, AZ 85014-3655
Phone: 602-771-7800
Fax: 602-771-7888