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Although, North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services does not require nurse aides to complete training, there are advantages to enrolling in a state-accredited program. As one of the few remaining states where you can become a CNA without training, North Carolina maintains a Nurse Aide I registry of nurse aides who meet federal and state training requirements to perform Nurse Aide I tasks. As a prospective nurse aide, you need to pass the state’s nurse aide competency exam to obtain placement on the registry. Currently, there are more than 100 approved training providers, including community colleges, nursing homes, private companies and high schools, which will help you prepare for the exam and your role as an entry-level CNA. Nurse aide I programs provide a minimum 75 contact hours of instruction inclusive of 16 hours of clinical experience. The training provider will impart practical skills that will help you to pass the state exam administered by Pearson Vue.

Durham Technical Community College

Durham Tech’s 169.5-hour nurse aide I training goes beyond the state-required minimums. The intensive program runs for16 weeks, but there’s a fast-track option that you can complete in just nine weeks. The 9-week training also offers 169.5-contact hours of instruction. Through a series of classroom instruction, hands-on lab, and clinical rotations, registered nurse instructors prepare students for success on the state competency evaluation. Applicants must consent to a criminal background check and provide proof of immunization prior to the clinical practicum. Prior convictions can prohibit students from graduating from the program. The total estimated cost of attendance is $540 inclusive of registration, textbook, criminal background check, TB skin test, NA exam fee, insurance fee, equipment, and uniform. The program qualifies for ConnectFunds grants.

Harris Training Institute Inc

Harris Training Insititute state-approved nurse aide training runs for 9 weeks. The school also offers a fast-track evening schedule that students can complete in 4 weeks. Training comprises of classroom, skills lab and clinical experience to provide theoretical knowledge and hands-on learning. Applicants must submit a high school transcript or GED certificate, two forms of valid ID, and a copy of a negative TB skin test, not more than 6 months old. Students must consent to a criminal background check, which is necessary for working at the clinical site. Tuition is $549 and does not include the cost of textbooks, uniform, criminal background check, immunization and state exam fee.

Optimal Health College

The 8-week program at Optimal Health College prepares students for the state nurse aide competency evaluation. Convenient day and evening classes are available. Students must present a high school transcript or GED, TB test and proof of immunization with their applications. If you don’t have a high school diploma, you must pass the school’s placement test in order to enroll – the placement test comprises of reading comprehension and math. The total cost of attendance is $775 inclusive of textbook, CPR, tuition, application fee, blood pressure cuff and stethoscope. You should budget $100 for the state exam.

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Triangle Nurse Aide Program, LLC

TNAP attributes their 99 percent graduation success rate to their skilled instructors, small class sizes and unique approach to training. Flexible morning and evening schedules accommodate a variety of schedules. Day classes meet for 6 hours a day for 6 weeks. Evening students also complete the training in 6 weeks. If you enroll in TNAP’s nurse aide training, you must achieve a passing grade of 75 percent to be eligible for graduation. Tuition is $500 inclusive of books and the state competency exam fee.

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