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High turnovers rates, rise in chronic illnesses, shortage of nurses, and the healthcare needs of the baby boomer population are driving the demand for Certified Nursing Assistants in long-term care. Hundreds of CNAs enter the industry each year, but more than half of them advance to other careers in health citing the physical pressures of caring for patients at this level of nursing.… Read the rest

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Lured by the availability of jobs in a fast-growing field, many adults are preparing for a career in nursing. More than 60 percent of nurses start their careers as a Certified Nurse Aide as a first step to becoming a Licensed Practical or Registered Nurse.… Read the rest

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Your job as a Certified Nursing Assistant requires compassion and patience to manage the daily needs of residents in long-term care facilities. CNAs typically assist residents with personal grooming and hygiene, such as bathing, dressing, toileting, and nail care. They prepare meals and feed patients who cannot feed themselves.… Read the rest

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A nursing assistant or nurse aide assists patients with day-to-day activities such as feeding, bathing, dressing, and mobility under the supervision of a licensed nurse. A CNA may also assist doctors and nurses with the administration of diagnostic procedures and technical treatments.… Read the rest

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In a May 2014 Occupational report, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a 21 percent grow in occupations for Certified Nurse Assistants during the years 2012-2022. The projected employment for CNAs exceeds the projection for nurses and other health careers. The demands for CNAs is primarily due to the long-term care needs of an increasing senior population and pressures placed on hospitals to discharge patients with long-term care needs.… Read the rest

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The country, including North Carolina, is facing a shortage of healthcare professionals. There’s an immediate need for nurse aides, and demands will increase according to the Department of Labor. In Raleigh, entry-level CNAs earn $22,201 per year. Experienced CNAs with in-demand skills can earn up to $32,839 per year in addition to health benefits and stipends for continuing education. … Read the rest

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Nurse Aide I candidates in North Carolina do not need to attend training to get certified. However, an approved training course prepares candidates for the two-part CNA state exam. While the state will not disqualify a candidate for failing the exam three times (like other states), the administrators will require the candidate to take an approved program before attempting the exam a fourth time.… Read the rest