CNA Classes Chesapeake, VA

CNAs provide basic care to patients and assist them with tasks (activities of daily living) that they might be capable of doing on their own. Their duties include but are not limited to dressing, bathing, feeding, toileting, transferring from the bed to the wheelchair, measuring vital signs, collecting specimens, making beds, and social activities.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Woodbridge, VA

Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant is a great first step to a career in patient care. The preparation for this profession is minimal compared to the time it takes to complete nursing school. CNA classes can be completed in 4 to 6 weeks depending on the schedule, which means you can begin a career in health with a small investment of time and money.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Fairfax, VA

Rising health care demands places Certified Nursing Assistants among the fastest growing jobs in healthcare and across the board. CNAs work primarily in long-term care providing bedside care and assisting patients with the activities of daily living under the strict supervision of a licensed nurse.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Henrico, VA

A Certified Nurse Aide serves as a vital member of the health care team by assisting licensed nurses in long-term care facilities, clinics, and patients’ homes. This frontline worker helps residents with the activities of daily living, measure, record and interpret vitals, closely observe and monitor patients’ health status, maintain a clean environment, and answer calls for assistance.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Chesterfield, VA

There are numerous career opportunities for Certified Nursing Assistants in Virginia and across the nation. A steady rise in the baby boomer population drives demand for health care professionals, especially in long-term care. Nursing assistant programs prepare adults with the knowledge and technical skills to function in this most vital role.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Manassas, VA

As a certified nursing assistant (CNA), you’ll wear many hats. Though your primary role will involve basic nursing care to patients, you’ll also assist them with personal activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, and mobility. Other duties will include taking vital signs, collecting information related to the treatment plan, examining patients for bruises, turning or repositioning patients, making beds, and answering patient calls.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Danville, VA

Certified Nursing Assistants work under the supervision of a licensed nurse to help patients with the activities of daily living. They account for 60 to 70 percent of the nursing staff in long-term care settings and provide as much as 70 percent of the direct care to residents.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Hampton, VA

Certified Nurse Aides assist nurses and physicians by checking vital signs, ensuring patients’ comfort, and providing companionship to residents in nursing homes. In long-term care settings and home health care, CNAs work under the supervision of a licensed nurse to meet patients’ basic physical, social, and psychological nurses.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Norfolk, VA

Certified Nurse Aides provide basic care to patients or residents who are unable to care for themselves. Their duties include assisting patients with the activities of daily living, measuring and recording vital signs, assisting nurses with procedures and treatments, and setting up medical equipment.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Virginia Beach, VA

Certified Nurse Assistants provide basic nursing care to patients who are unable to care for themselves. They bathe and dress patients, take vital signs, answer patient calls, turn and reposition bedridden patients, supply empty bedpans, serve meals and help patients eat, monitor patients for adverse reactions to medications, change bedsheets, and provide emotional support.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Alexandria, VA

CNAs possess knowledge and skills that are always in demand in today’s health care environment. Training programs equip students with the information and competency needed to provide care for residents in long-term care facilities, home healthcare, hospitals, and hospice settings. The Virginia Board of Nursing requires aspiring CNAs to complete a minimum 120 hours in preparation for the state certification exam – nurse assistant training represents a short-term commitment and is the fastest way to enter the medical industry.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Charlottesville, VA

Over the last five years, interest in CNA careers has more than doubled due to an increasing demand for direct patient care. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting high employment demand, and employers are eagerly seeking out competent nurse assistant employees.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Newport News, VA

Certified Nursing Aides administer direct care to residents in long-term care facilities, hospitals and home healthcare agencies under the supervision of licensed and registered nurses. Nurse aides in Virginia must obtain certification in order to execute nursing related tasks and protect the patients’ health, safety and welfare.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Roanoke, VA

Nurse Assistants form the foundation of patient care. At hospitals, long-term care facilities, nursing homes and home health agencies, CNAs are on the frontline caring for patients’ needs. CNAs in Roanoke, VA earn approximately $27, 998 annually, which is close to the national average.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Richmond VA

With an annual salary of $30,626, Richmond Virginia’s CNAs earn slightly more than the national average*. Apart from salary, CNAs within the state enjoy many rewarding benefits. Aspiring nurse aides must complete training accredited by the Board of Nursing before challenging the state evaluation exam.… Read the rest