How To Pass the CNA Written Test

So you want to become a CNA and discovered that you must obtain a license to practice within your state. You, rightly, ask other CNAs about the licensure exam. One person says it’s as easy as can be and the other says it’s impossible to pass.… Read the rest

How To Pass the CNA Skills Test

The CNA Skills Evaluation is the most challenging part of the CNA exam for more than 65% of test-takers.

While the state-approved training program will do all it can to prepare you for the test, a large part of your success depends on what you do before (preparation) and on exam day.… Read the rest

7 Reasons To Study Nursing

Successful nurses are emotionally stable, sharp-witted, patient, empathetic, and hard-working. Their organizational skills, communication skills, judgment, leadership, and physical endurance are above board. This long list of traits clearly demonstrates that the profession is not for everyone. If you’ve faced the long hours, emotional tumults, and stress as a CNA and still welcome the joys of caring for others, then it’s time to pursue a career in nursing.… Read the rest

Savvy CNA: How To Make Your Nursing School Application Stand Out

Considering the prevailing shortage of nurses, it’s surprising that nursing schools reject more than 55 percent of eager candidates each year. According to the results of an American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) survey, more than 75,000 qualified applicants to professional nursing programs were turned away in 2011.… Read the rest

CNAs: Make A Lasting Impression On Your First Day

Your first day on the job as an entry-level CNA can be a little intimidating. The new environment, unfamiliar faces, and heightened expectations can easily affect your confidence. But what you do on the first day can set the tone for the duration of your time at the facility.… Read the rest

7 Must-Have Apps For CNAs

CNAs gain patients’ confidence by demonstrating their commitment to the safety and well-being of the people they serve. A good memory and the ability to think on your feet and stay on top of your duties are essential to your success.… Read the rest

Where Do CNAs Work?

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) play a crucial role in patient care. They attend to the fundamental needs of patients or residents, freeing the nursing staff for those duties that require advanced education and skill. Like other healthcare professionals, CNAs can pursue several career paths and work in areas beyond the traditional hospital or long-term care facility.… Read the rest

How to Find A Job After CNA Certification

Projecting a growing need for healthcare workers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects demand for CNAs to increase by 20 percent through the year 2020. As a CNA graduate searching for your first job, you might question the projection if all you encounter are closed doors and empty promises.… Read the rest

How To Deal with Workplace Bullies

CNAs are low on the healthcare totem pole. Many have experienced workplace bullying from nurses and others in the medical hierarchy. If this describes you, you’re not alone and powerless.

Here is a look at how to deal with bullies on the job.… Read the rest

CNA Practice Tests: Should You Pay For Them?

Advanced preparation is the best way to combat the stress and anxiety of taking the CNA exam. Nursing assistant training will go a long way in preparation for the knowledge and skills components of the state-administered exam. Instructors will cover the base of knowledge CNAs need to provide competent service, and hands-on work in simulated labs and clinical experiences will help to hone skills and boost confidence for the grueling skills exam.… Read the rest

4 Ways to Gain Experience Before Nursing School

There are several ways aspiring nursing students can bolster their applications to nursing education programs. Competition for entry into selective programs remains fierce, so applicants seek to score well on TEAS and other entrance exams and take prerequisite science courses to become attractive candidates.… Read the rest

How to Avoid Burnout as a CNA

Certified nursing assistants are the workhorses of the healthcare team. The work is physically demanding and emotionally draining. Low on the team totem pole, they often get too little respect from supervisors and administrators.

Burnout is the result, leading to resentful CNAs and high turnover rates.… Read the rest

Workplace Injuries: How to Avoid Them

Working as a CNA is not just emotionally demanding, it can be physically dangerous. A research study showed that more than 60% of the CNAs contacted reported a work-related injury. Almost 25% of those were not able to return to the job because the injury was so severe.… Read the rest

Work Readiness: 4 Qualities Every CNA Should Possess

The role of CNA is essential for any healthcare team. The job is demanding, requiring not just physical stamina but also a range of mental and emotional skills.

Here is a look at what it takes to stand out as a certified nursing assistant, the four qualities that every CNA should possess.… Read the rest

Why Is There Such A High Turnover Rate for CNAs?

You might think low pay is the obvious answer to why CNAs leave their jobs so often. But it turns out there is much more underlying the high turnover among this essential part of the healthcare team.

Here is a look at what influences CNAs to leave their jobs and even their career in healthcare.… Read the rest

CNA Duties vs Nurse Duties

CNAs, RNs and LPNs work in the healthcare field and in the same types of facilities. But their daily round of tasks can be quite different.

The medical profession has a formidable hierarchy. When ranking the three in order of importance, a Registered Nurse, or RN, is first, then comes the Licensed Practical Nurse, or LPN.… Read the rest

How To Earn More as A CNA

Choosing a career as a CNA has many benefits but the high pay isn’t one of them. The average salary is $24,400, which is $11.73 an hour. It can be hard making ends meet with that kind of paycheck.

Here is a look at how CNAs who have been in the professional for a few years have learned to expand their options and earn more money.… Read the rest

4 Benefits of Becoming a CNA Before Nursing School

Individuals, who are thinking of a career in nursing, must have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of being a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse. Though the job is a rewarding one, both emotionally and financially, caring for those who are ill is demanding and challenging.… Read the rest

CNAs: 7 Tips for Dealing With Difficult Patients

Most CNAs can overlook the endless hours, sore feet, and constant running around if it makes their patients happy. However, not all patients/residents are happy, appreciative people. Every once in a while a patient comes along to test your compassion and patience and cause you to question your choice of career.… Read the rest