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Federal and state established regulations for Ohio’s STNAs require individuals to complete an Ohio Department of Health (ODH) approved NATCEP comprising of at least 75 hours of instruction. The state-approved training will cover a minimum 59 hours of classroom (knowledge) training and 16 hours of supervised patient care in a long-term care facility. Program graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion from the ODH and will be eligible to register for the state nurse aide exam. The NATCEP Unit within the ODH oversees the administration of the written competency and clinical skills exam and ensures that the names of successful candidates are added to the Ohio Nurse Aide Registry.

STNA Classes OH:

Nurse Aide Training Requirement Waiver

Certain candidates may submit documentation to ODH for approval and written verification to waive the nurse aide training requirement to sit for the Ohio nurse aide exam. These are outlined below:

Nursing students

A student enrolled in a pre-licensure nursing program approved by the board of nursing, or by an agency of another state that regulates nursing education. The candidate must submit to the director or designee a certification from the program indicating successful completion of the courses that teach basic nursing sills including infection control, safety and emergency procedures, and personal care.

Direct care experience

A candidate who has completed the equivalent of 12 month or more of full-time employment in the preceding five years in a position with hospital experience that includes the provision of direct patient care involving the performance of daily living activities.

Military experience

An individual with military occupational training and experience in the United States Armed Forces in positions including, but not limited to, Medical Specialist, Healthcare Specialist, and Hospital Corpsman, may qualify for the waiver with the presentation of documentation of at least 1600 hours of providing direct patient care involving the performance of daily living activities.

How to Apply for the Ohio STNA Exam

Headmaster (D & S Diversified Technologies) has the approval of the Ohio Board of Nursing to schedule and administer the Ohio STNA Exam in collaboration with the NATCEP Unit. Your official certificate of completion of the nursing aide training program will confirm your eligibility to register for the exam.

Upon successful passage of the Written exam and Skills evaluation, your name will be added to the Nurse Aide Registry, providing that you meet all the other requirements for certification.

Your name will remain on the registry for a period of 24 months from the date of certification. Thereafter, you must submit verification that you provided at least 7.5 or 8 consecutive hours of nursing-related services for compensation during the 24-month period.

To register for the STNA exam, your nurse aide training provider will submit your application to Headmaster or you may submit the application on your own using the guidelines provided below:

  • Visit and select Ohio under the Nurse Aide column.
  • Create a TMU (TestMaster Universe) account and verify the account upon receipt of the confirmation email
  • Submit and application for testing and your payment online in your TMU account
  • Check the test confirmation notification sent via email
  • You may pay your test fees via email or fax but a $5.00 fax fee applies
  • Schedule your test event after receiving notification – the test site location for a virtual knowledge exam will be “Virtual Knowledge Test Site”.

If a disability or limitation impairs your ability to take the test under normal circumstances, you can apply to the ODH and D&S for reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Download the 1404OH form at and return to D&S with supporting documentation of your disability. Allow an additional two weeks for processing your request.

A priority fax service is available, but it costs an additional $5.00.

All candidates may reschedule for free online at any time up until one (1) business day before a scheduled test day, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

If you do not show up for the appointment, you will forfeit your fees and will need to submit a new application and the appropriate fee to request a new test date.

Exam Costs

The established testing fees in Ohio are as follows:

  • Knowledge test or retake – $26.00
  • Oral test or retake – $36.00
  • Skills test or retake – $78.00

You may be entitled to a 100 percent refund of your out-of-pocket expenses for completing the state requirements for STNAs. The refund request will be fulfilled by your first nursing home employer as long as you begin working within 12 months of completing the training program. Your refund may be prorated based on the time of employment – in relation to your graduation date.

Active and retired military personnel, veterans and spouses of veterans will receive priority of service on testing day. If you fall within the stipulated category, contact the ODH to find out the documents you must submit with your application. You may be eligible for reimbursement of your fees through your GI Bill.

CNA Exam Overview Ohio

After completing an ODH-approved nursing assistant training program or at least 12 months of employment as a medic in the field, your final step to practicing as an STNA in a long-term care facility is to sit the Nurse Aide Competency Exam for certification in Ohio. The test is a two-part test comprising of a Written (knowledge test) and the Skills evaluation of your clinical competencies. The Written test may be in paper (written) form or delivered electronically at specific testing centers. Passing both components of the exam will grant you a listing on the Ohio Nurse Aide Registry as long as you meet all the other requirements for certification.

The Written Exam

The state grants candidates a maximum time of 90 minutes to complete the 79 questions on the written test. An administrator will inform you when there are 15 minutes remaining. Timing is essential during the multiple-choice exam, so practice tests online will help you manage your resources during a timed test. CNA practice tests in particular are worthwhile to assess your knowledge of nurse aide concepts, such as role and responsibility, older adult growth, communication, care impaired, infection control, safety, mental health, and resident rights. There are sample questions in the Candidate Handbook that you can use to brush up your skills. However, interactive tests are also beneficial in that you can check your timing, get feedback, and answers to your incorrect responses.

Electronic testing using TMU internet connected computers is utilized at all but a couple of sites in Ohio. The knowledge test portion of your exam will be displayed on a computer screen for you to read and key your answers.

The Oral Exam (Alternative)

An oral (audio) test is available in place of the written test but you must request it in advance. It is especially applicable if you have difficulty reading English. The oral test costs extra and will include 17 questions that you must read and answer without the aid of the MP3 player. Those final 17 questions test your reading comprehension as required by the ODH.

Virtual Knowledge Exam Option

A virtual knowledge exam option is available if you want to take the exam at home.

Candidates must have:

  • An updated version of Google Chrome as your Internet browser.
  • Internet Explorer is not supported by TMU
  • A reliable Internet (Wi-Fi) connection.
  • A personal computer/tablet/laptop to log into TMU to access the knowledge test.
  • Your Email or Username and Password to take the virtual TMU Knowledge test.
  • A smartphone to access the ‘facetime app’ that you will need to have downloaded.
    • D&SDT-Headmaster will provide you information of the ‘facetime app’ you will need before test day.
    • The night before your scheduled virtual knowledge exam, D&SDT-Headmaster will email you a reminder with the password protected link to join the test event
  • A distraction and interruption-free area of your home, etc., where you will be testing

The Skills Exam

The evaluating nurse will read 3 to 4 scenarios associated with the skills you’ll have to perform during the skills exam. Listen carefully to all the instructions and get answers to any questions you may have before you begin your tasks. The skills test will take approximately 35 minutes to complete your assigned tasks. However, you should plan to spend 4 to 6 hours at the test site on your testing day. Handwashing will be one of the skills assigned, and the other four will be selected at random from the Skills List. You must score at least 80% on each task without skipping any of the critical element steps to pass the skills component of the exam. A failure on a single task will lead to a failing score on the entire exam. If you make a mistake or forget to perform a step, inform the evaluator and physically perform the correct steps to receive credit. Dress appropriately for the clinical skills exam in loose-fitting scrubs, clinical shoes, and hair tied back if you have long hair.

What To Bring To The Exam

According to regulation standard 3701-18-26, you must bring your social security card to the test site. You will not be allowed to take the test without your social security card and a government issued, signed photo ID such as a driver’s license, military ID, state ID, or passport. If you do not take the required ID, you will need to reapply for a new test date and pay another fee.

Arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the exam for check-in and instructions.

If you are scheduled into a virtual knowledge exam, you must sign in to the virtual link for the sign in process with the test proctor prior (10-20 minutes) to the start time listed on your test confirmation. If you are not signed into your virtual exam prior to the time listed on your test confirmation, you will not be allowed to test, considered a No Show and forfeit your testing fees paid and have to pay for another test date.

You will need to show your two forms of mandatory identification to the test proctor at sign in before starting your virtual knowledge exam.

You will be required to show your surroundings to the test proctor during sign-in before starting your virtual knowledge exam.

All ‘Testing Policies’ and ‘Security’ measures are adhered to during the virtual knowledge exam. The ‘facetime app’ link must be maintained during the entire knowledge test. If the ‘facetime app’ connection is lost, you must immediately reconnect or be subject to being exited from the test by the test proctor and your test scored as a failed attempt.

Dress in full clinical attire for the Skills evaluation and the written test. This includes clinical shoes, scrub tops, scrub pants, and hair pulled back if you have long hair. No wrist watches, smart watches, or fitness monitors are allowed. Fingernails need to be short (no longer than ¼ inch in length), well-kept, and clean.

Personal items, such as large bags, briefcases, extra books, and study materials are not allowed in the test room. Site personnel cannot be held responsible for any personal items you take to the test site.

Receiving Your Scores

After you have completed both the Knowledge Test and Skill Test components of the competency exam, your test results will be officially scored and double checked by D&SDT scoring teams. Official test results will be available by signing in to your TMU record after 6:00PM (EST) the business day after your test event.

If you pass both the Written or Oral test and the Skills evaluation, your name will be added to the Ohio nurse aide registry. D&S will send a notification of certification and a laminated wallet ID card. You must obtain 70 percent on the Written or Oral test to pass the exam.

If you fail one or both parts of the exam, you must reapply to take the test. You can reschedule a new exam date and repay for the portion that you failed in your TMU.

You may request a review of your test results. There is a $25 test review deposit fee.

Contact the Registry
Ohio Department of Health
Nurse Aide Registry
246 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

(800) 582-5908 (in-state)
(614) 752-9500 (out-of-state)
Fax: (614) 564-2461

D&S Diversified Technologies, LLP
PO Box 418
Findlay, OH 45839
Phone #: (877) 851-2355
Fax #: (406) 442-3357

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