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Certified Nursing Assistants’ training and certification in direct patient care prepare them for entry-level employment in the nursing field. The personal nature of the work calls for individuals who are caring and nurturing, good communicators, and professional. In most states, a prospective CNA must receive at least 75 hours of specialized instruction to prepare for the CNA exam. Unlike other states, the Florida Board of Nursing lets candidates challenge the exam without prior training. To qualify as a Challenger, you must be at least 18 years or have a high school diploma or equivalent before submitting your application to Prometric. Challenging the exam can be risky, especially if you’re not acquainted with the state’s standards for performing the 21 essential skills. Incorrect practices and inattention to detail will affect your chances of success. Moreover, if you fail one portion of the test three times within a two-year period, you will have to complete a state-approved program of 120 hours or more before you retest. CNA training programs equip students with the special training needed to pass the Florida CNA exam.

CNA Classes in FL:

How to Apply for the Florida CNA Exam

There are five certification training routes for establishing eligibility to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Select the appropriate route on the application:

Eligibility Route 1

If you completed a state approved NA training program and you have never been a nursing assistant in any other state, you may apply via this route. You must indicate the training completion date and the program code on the application.

Eligibility Route 2

If you’re enrolled in a state-approved nursing assistant training program and have never been a nursing assistant in any other state, you can select this certification route. You must indicate the date when you’ll complete training and training program code on the application.

Note: If you are applying under routes E1 or E2, you must have your program coordinator submit an electronic notification to the board office verifying that you completed the program you listed on your application.

Eligibility Route 3

Challenge the exam if you’ve never been trained as a nursing assistant in Florida or any other state and have no nursing assistant experience, and believe you can pass the exam without training. If you fail one portion of the test three times, you will have to do a state-approved training program that is at least 120 hours long. You will then need to take both the written and clinical tests again.

Eligibility Route 4

If you have some experience or training in nursing but never completed state-approved training, you can use this route. This option also applies if you passed one component of the CNA exam but not the other in the stipulated two-year period.

Eligibility Route 5

Use this route if you were a certified nurse assistant in Florida or another state and your certification has lapsed.

You must register for both tests if you’re taking the exam for the first time.

Applying for and scheduling your CNA Exam:

  • You may submit your application online or using the paper form
  • Pay the application fee using a Visa or MasterCard if submitting your application online. Alternatively, you can pay the fee with a company check, cashier’s check, or money order with your printable application. Make checks payable to Prometric.
  • For eligibility route 1 or 2, get the training program coordinator to complete the Training Program Information on page two of the application.
  • Sign and date the Applicant’s Affidavit.
  • Submit your fingerprints for an FBI fingerprint background check. The FL DOH will not deem you eligible to test until you submit your fingerprints. An additional fee for the fingerprinting and background check applies.
  • Indicate your special testing accommodation needs under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Print and complete the ADA Accommodations Request Packet and submit with the application. Prometric needs at least 30 days’ advance notice to make arrangements. Not all accommodation requests are approved.

The application and test fees are valid for one year. If you do not complete the fingerprinting and obtain eligibility to test within the year, your application will expire and you must submit a new one with the respective fees. Register for both the written and skills test if you’re a first-time candidate. Prometric will acknowledge receipt of your application via email and send further updates as they’re available. Once the FL DOH verifies your FBI fingerprint background check, you’ll become eligible to take the test. Prometric will then schedule you to test and email the admission letter with the date, time, and location of the exam. Take the letter with you to the test center.

Directions to the regional test site would be included in the admissions letter if you opted to take the test at one of these sites.

Exam Costs

Under federal law, you’re entitled to a reimbursement of your training and testing fees if a nursing home employs you within 12 months of receiving your certificate. If you’re presently employed at a nursing home, the facility will cover the cost of your testing fees and NA training.

Include the appropriate fee with your application for the exam. Insert your social security number on cashier’s check, money orders, or company checks. All fees are non-refundable.

  • $155 – Clinical Skills and Written Examination (audio, English, and Spanish)
  • $35 – Written Test (English, Spanish)
  • $35 – Written Test Audio (English and Spanish)
  • $120 – Clinical Skills Test (English only)
  • $30 – Rescheduling fee
  • $25 – Exam review

There is an additional FBI background check fee that the fingerprint vendor will collect at the time of scanning your fingerprints.

Contact Prometric directly if you need to reschedule an alternative test date. The training program coordinator should contact Prometric on your behalf if you’re scheduled at an in-facility site. The rescheduling fee of $30 covers requests made up to five full working days before the test. If you reschedule less than five full working days before the test, you must pay a full exam fee. To change your test location from an in-facility site to a regional center, contact Prometric directly.

CNA Exam Overview Florida

The CNA exam is a two-part exam that is independent of one another. The written test is not so much written as you’ll take the exam using Prometric’s user-friendly computerized testing system. You’ll use the mouse to select your answers – no computer experience needed. The skills exam is the second component of the test. It will evaluate your attention to specific checkpoints as you perform the assigned skills. You must complete the all the checkpoints for each skill and pass all skills to receive an overall passing score. It is acceptable to correct yourself while you’re performing a specific skill, but you cannot make corrections after you’ve progressed to the next skill.

The Written Exam

Florida’s CNA written evaluation contains 60 multiple-choice questions. You’ll submit your answers to the questions using the mouse on the computerized system. The test is 90 minutes in duration. An outline of the test, including the areas and percentages, is available in the candidate handbook. Also, there are numerous CNA practice tests online that are both free and paid. Prometric’s practice test follows the same format the actual test and provides valuable feedback so you can improve your chances of succeeding. The super pack contains 3 practice exams that cost $25.

The five major categories in the exam are:

  • Role of the Nurse Aide – 18%
  • Promotion of safety – 18%
  • Promotion of Function and Health of Residents – 24%
  • Basic Nursing Care Provided by the Nurse Aide – 26%
  • Providing Specialized Care for Residents with Changes in Health – 14%

The Audio Exam

The written test can be taken in audio form if you request it with your application. The questions will be read to you, and you’ll provide your answers on the computer. You can replay questions as many times as you need to, but remember, that the test is also timed. The test is available in English and Spanish formats.

The Skills Exam

The skills test analyzes your performance of five skills that are assigned when you’re scheduled for the exam. While performing three skills, the Nurse Aide Evaluator will score your performance of two additional skills – Handwashing and Indirect Care. These are related to communication with the resident, attention to the resident’s rights, comfort and needs, and infection control. The time allotted for the test will be determined by the skills you’re asked to perform. The skills exam could be anywhere between 31 minutes and 40 minutes – maximum. You must follow the list of checkpoints for each skill and pass all five to pass the clinical exam.

For detailed checkpoints and a list of possible skills, see the Candidate Handbook. Test candidates are required to play a resident role for another candidate – so dress appropriately and be prepared to play the role of a resident.

What To Bring To The Exam

The staff at the testing facility will need to check you in and verify your ID before the exam, so arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.


  • Your admission letter emailed to you by Prometric. The letter contains valid information you’ll need to check in.
  • Proper identification – at least two valid forms. The first should be a government-issued ID with your photo and signature. The other ID must have your name and signature – examples are your social security card or credit card. The name on the ID must exactly match the name on your admission letter.
  • Flat, nonskid, closed-toed shoes, scrubs, and a watch with a second hand.

If you do not wear appropriate clothing or provide proper identification at the time of the exam, you will not be allowed to take the exam, and it will be considered a missed appointment. Therefore, you’ll have to pay another exam fee to schedule a new appointment.

Receiving Your Scores

Prometric will send the exam results to the Board of Nursing after you pass both parts of the exam. Upon receipt of your scores, the Board will mail the certificate to the address provided. Your official results will be listed on the Florida CNA Registry and will also be available for viewing online after you sign in securely to Prometric’s website. Test results given at the test site on the day of testing may be subject to change.

If you fail a test, your score report will include details for retaking the exam. The Florida Board of Nursing will also receive your results. You must wait at least 30 days before retesting. Retaking the exam requires another application and fee.

Contact the Registry

Florida State Department of Health
CNA Registry/ Board of Nursing
4052 Bald Cypress Way, BIN # C13
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3263
Call Center Phone: 850-245-4125

FL Nurse Aide
7941 Corporate Dr.
Nottingham MD 21236
Phone: 800.805.9128

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