CNA Classes Amarillo, TX

Certified nurse assisting can be a stepping stone to other jobs in healthcare. Equipped with basic nursing skills and a desire to care for patients, many CNAs move on to a noble and highly rewarding career in nursing. Certified nursing assistant programs not only prepare students to fill a critical role in healthcare by supporting licensed nurses and physicians but also provides the foundational training needed to enroll in a licensed practical or registered nursing program.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Garland, TX

As the health care industry grows, the need for qualified nursing assistants will continue to increase. Certified Nursing Assistants provide direct care services to patients under the direction of licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, or physicians. They attend to the ever-increasing needs of the aging population and make a difference in the quality of care patients receive at hospitals but particularly at long-term care facilities.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Austin, TX

The booming healthcare industry draws much interest from individuals seeking a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Although the career provides opportunities to make a difference in patients’ lives, the job can be demanding with intense physical and emotional demands. CNAs have daily contact with patients, and while some patients are helpful and pleasant, others can be rude and aggressive.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Lubbock, TX

A CNA or certified nursing assistant provides for patients’ needs under the guidance and supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. The role requires commitment, compassion, strong work ethics, and at least 75 hours of didactic and clinical nurse assistant training in Texas.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Plano, TX

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) play a critical role as a part of the healthcare team. They provide basic care under the supervision of RNs or LPNs. Since they spend a great deal of time with patients, compared to other medical professionals, they can pass on critical information that can impact patients’ lives and progress.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Killeen, TX

As the Baby Boomer population in Texas ages, there’s a growing demand for health services. From professionals who diagnose and treat diseases, to those using technology and providing patient care, the health care demands means long-term job security for professionals in this job cluster.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Arlington, TX

Certified Nursing Assistants may have the least authority on a patient care team. They work long hours, receive the lowest wages (compared with other health care jobs), and the work is physically and mentally demanding. In spite of the negative outlook, CNAs play a critical role on the patient care team.… Read the rest

CNA Classes El Paso, Texas

The U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistic pegs Nursing Assistants as the fastest growing occupation through 2018. As a Texas nurse aide, you’ll provide direct patient care to those who are physically and mentally ill, as well as those who’re disabled, injured or confined to nursing homes, hospitals and long term care facilities.… Read the rest

CNA Classes Fort Worth, TX

In today’s uncertain economic market and high rates of unemployment, the healthcare industry provides ready employment to high school graduates and people looking to start new careers. Providing several thousand jobs each year due to the rapid increase in the senior population, new CNAs can get trained and get on board the growing industry.… Read the rest

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